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FKK Upstate is the Upstate New York chapter of Nudist Portal. FKK was founded in the northeastern United States, with initial chapters in Awesome York City and Awesome Jersey.
Due to the large size of New York State and interest in FKK upstate, a chapter in the Ithaca / Finger Lakes Region has been founded. There are many opportunities here for naturist activities in a beautiful place surrounded by lakes, vineyards, and rural landscapes scattered with family farms. We are within easy reach of many central NY communities, including Rochester, Syracuse, Auburn, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Cortland, Ithaca, Watkins Glenn, Binghamton, Corning, Elmira, and beyond. You really do not have to be a resident in upstate NY to attend our events or join the group.
Going in line with precisely the same mission and targets as the parent organization, FKK Upstate aims to participate the 18-35 generation and join more youthful naturists or young adults who need to try nudism in upstate Fresh York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania. However we also welcome experienced naturists who are older than 35, but who are young at heart. Notably those who actively want to help us reach out to the 18-35 generation! We’ve a fire to grow naturism’s community of younger members.
Awesome York young naturists FKK Upstate NY
A focus of FKK Upstate NY will be to work on a well rounded calendar of actions through the year, including and winter months. In this way we hope to serve the large student population located in central Fresh York colleges and 2015milfs , who may desire to try naturism but find it challenging to connect with naturist events during the cold months of the year. We will look to host creative events that fit right into our foody Ithaca area, like “nude locavore cooking”!
In summer months we’ll work to organize meet-ups at appropriate place locations, and events at local fkk resorts, BBQ’s and games, body painting celebrations, social gatherings, and more. All events are available on the FKK occasions page.
Contact Information:
Email address: FKKupstateny[at]
Learn more about Steve and Susanne in their first opening site post: “Nude Freedom of the Mind and Body”
Interested in starting your own FKK Chapter? Contact us.
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I am sorry, policeman.. I forgot I was nude! Where Can I Be Naked ?

Be Nude By Felicity Jones
Where Can I Be Bare – In , I suggested hanging out in your house in the nude. But as I briefly mentioned, this can get complicated if and when you become visible to . I myself have many big, open windows in my house downstairs so I often remain in my room unclothed. I’ve done a little research about the laws with this, and it appears to come down to what’s public vs. private.
Everyone can have solitude in their home, and therefore it’s fine to be naked there. However, if you go model like a bare mannequin before the tremendous clear window of your living room where passers-by can see you from the street, that can be an issue. You are visible to the public.
Someone could see you and call the authorities to charge you with indecent exposure. The nudity laws are also about aims, whether you’re aiming to be lewd, or if you truly had no idea you may be seen, in which case you may not get convicted.
Really though, I think nudity within your house is absolutely good if you maybe invest in some curtains and you’ren’t pressing yourself up against the window!
Excuse me. May I Be Naked Here Please ?
Going nude in your backyard, however, may be another story. I just recently came across an article about a Canadian guy who tried to claim the right to be bare anyplace on his own property and in his house.
That would seem like a reasonable idea, but his neighbors put in complaints when they saw him. There was also a recent incident in NJ of a guy was detained after he walked outside in the morning to get his paper, stark naked.
So there is also a humorous, farcical mp4 I saw a couple of years past.
The neighbors’ reactions are really hilarious, “I feel like we’re trapped!” (And the kids! Do not get me started on the children, I will discuss that in a future post!)
Watch the movie here It Is quite entertaining and enlightening on how nudity is seen in American culture.
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Experiences in the Holy Land And Our Quest To Find A Unclothed Beach In Israel

Finding a Bare Beach in Israel:
We, Jordan and I, were in Israel for a little over a week by the end of May. Thus a brief time period where you may have noticed we were quiet and lost on Memorial Day. Anyhow I thought I’d share a few pictures and touches of our excursion with you all! The chief reason behind the trip was a wedding (for Jordan’s cousin), but we extended the stay for traveling and sightseeing.
The Bedouin guy who put this on my head offered to buy me for 150 camels and 2 horses. Fortunately I am worth many more than that.
But I am sad to report we did not find a unclothed beach! We went to Kalia strand to the Neve Midbar entrance, which would supposedly lead to the nude section, but it appears like it went textile. We spoke to the man at the entrance to investigate, but this is how the dialogue went:
Us: “Is there a sand here where you do not have to wear a swimsuit?”
Man: “No, you have to pay entry to come in.”
Us: “Yes we understand that, but is there a bare or naked plage?”
Guy: “Do you want to sleep here?”
Us: “No. Is there where you can be nude, no clothes!”
Man: “Noooooo”
Overlooking the Dead Sea
So that was that. We didn’t have much time that day so we went out to a distinct section to get muddy and swim. Er, bob and float actually. The water is so salty it holds you upwards. Sadly the Dead Sea is evaporating at a speed of 3 vertical feet annually, which is why Spencer Tunik did a tremendous (well, his shoots are always tremendous) bare pic shoot there with 1,200 individuals in September 2011, to raise awareness. I don’t believe it raised the amount of nude beaches, though. We were put in bathing suits there, in addition to at the Sea of Galilee. There’s reportedly an unofficial bare beach in Gaash (Kibbutz Ga’ash) on the Mediterranean shore, but we didn’t have time to see that one.
Israel’s climate is quite conducive to naturism and going naked, but unfortunately has few designated public places to achieve this. Nonetheless, we did learn of an fascinating nude festival in the Desert Ashram called the Pashut Festival. The verb Pashut means “to take off.” We couldn’t attend, but hope to one year, as it sounds like quite .
To make up for my insufficient unclothed beach narratives, I Will share various other photos and fun facts. We also seen a enormous ruins site of a Roman city called Beit She’an. Walking through it you can still see the amphitheater, wide Roman roads, bathrooms and sauna, adorned columns, and exquisite mosaics. A severe earthquake set the city in ruins in 749 C.E., and it is unbelievable how certain things have not moved since then, like the collapsed columns. The toilets were funny. Below is a image of the public toilets, where people used to head to the bathroom right next to each other. No walls, only water flowing underneath to carry the waste away. There was also no signs of separate places for men and women – everybody together!
Beit She’an Ruins
Toilets in Beit She’an
Ruins that demonstrate the heating system below the floors of the saunas.

How Societal Nudity Cured My Body Image Issues and Struggles

(Guest Fkk Website By Anon)
My Social Nudity and Body Image Narrative
I had always had a very lousy private body image – I hated the way that I seemed! I quickly found myself in a place where I was dating individuals who did not make me feel good about myself at all, and they were actually making my self esteem problems worse. I was being cheated on regularly, and began to feel as though these instances weren’t his fault. I blamed myself for not being attractive enough to keep him from wandering.
This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. Then, about a year or so ago, I worked up the guts to take a trip with a close pal of mine. She was a fresh to nudism and societal nudity at the time. She convinced me that through her encounters with those she met at naturist resorts, through social nudism and through social nudity in general, she managed to find a lot more confidence in how she looked. She maintained that social nudity helped her accept and feel better about her own body. I of course, believed the whole thing was bizarre and stressed that there would be harsh sexual overtones and awkwardness.
I must say that while I felt uneasy at the nude beach for a couple of minutes (fighting the constant urge to run back to my clothing and to security), I was consistent to see if this in fact would help me. My friend was walking confidently and immediately introduced me to some folks she met the last time she had come to this nude beach and had already planned on meeting today. As dry as it sounds, it felt like these nudist ladies and men were not even looking at me sexually or judging me at all. In fact, was complimented by how beautiful my face was twice!
Social Nudity
It did not take long for me to locate my stride with nudism. I soon started hanging out with more of them that I met through societal nudity groups and sites online. It’s freeing. I feel confident in how I look. Being nude, particularly in a societal setting, makes me feel happy. I feel like I don’t to hide behind clothing.
It was a liberating and life changing experience for me. I feel freer than ever and though I am still new to nudism,I have come to accept my personal body image!
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Problems Pertaining to the Naked Airport Body Scanners and Security

Why Are The Nude Airport Body Scanners Causing Such a Stir:
Nude Airport Body Scanners – Last time I visited the airport, I didn’t simply do a walkthrough at security. After seeing this little news, who understands how much of me they could see on that screen..
The latest technology for airport security are machines “revealing clear outlines of passengers’ genitals..” They are calling them naked body scanners, a fresh way to make sure passengers aren’t trying to smuggle anything they are not supposed to. Naturally we do not need any weapons getting through, but then again, most people would still need some solitude there .
more was recently executed in Manchester, England, and two Muslim women even missed their flights they paid for because they didn’t want to go through. It is likely somewhat invasive for most, but why don’t they just make naturist flights? No shoes/ belt /coat to take off and no pat-down or scan needed!
Take a look at this cartoon from the New Yorker- They will have the right idea, eh? Supposedly they had a cartoon on a cover in the 70’s of nude folks getting on a plane a midst all the skyjacking panics, but I ‘ve yet to find that.
Nude airport Body Scanners
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Is Google The New Big Brother?

Nudity and On-Line Censorship Problems:
Nudity and Censorship Online – Is the world of political correctness whirling unmanageable? Special interest and conservative groups are constantly using pressure on lawmakers and companies to diminish the things we can do or say online or in public. If we look at how censorship is being implemented, we’ll eventually learn what the driving force is that will decide if something is decent or indecent. While all these businesses have set guidelines it’s the enactment and interpretation of these guidelines that will raise a number of eyebrows. This article will take a brief look at what makes up an unacceptable image or video on the web and why.
The issue of Nudity and Censorship Online
Is the human body actually pornographic? Why is violence acceptable while nudity is evil?
Well, to answer this question we need to first take a long hard look at how pornography is marketed on the web. All of us understand the technique of using unique content and keywords to bring visitors to sites. Consequently, words like bare, nudism and nudists have been used by webmasters to sell and market hard-core pornography. Many pornographic websites, while not about nudism, will still most likely be on the first or second page of search results. Webmasters have been using the terms to entice potential interested parties and as such, have played a leading role in tarnishing the reputation and significance of what nudism is.
Much of the censorship that happens is unusual and arbitrary in nature. This inconsistency in executing the censorship guidelines can drive many individuals and organizations insane!
Let’s have a look at Facebook. Images of mothers breastfeeding their babies aren’t enabled if nipples are showing (even partly). Male nipples are regarded as okay, but a female nipple are cause for alarm. The dividing line between what’s considered acceptable and what’s pornographic is not clear. Oddly enough, gore and violence are perceived as acceptable and harmless.
Youtube is another amazing example. While Youtube maintains to permit artistic nudity, they often will censor or de list videos of nude body painting and performance art that depicts nudity. While art and attractiveness might be debatable, there is no doubt that body painting and dance are okay and accepted art forms.
The net is virtually identical to the early days of television in the USA. TV companies were very much conscious of the dangers of using anything risque. They were scared of disturbing the sponsors. Why are some innocent things baneful while other, graphical and upsetting content is okay? In one word – Money!
The internet, which is mainly American controlled, has not really moved on from this limited gain driven attitude. Internet companies make money from advertisers. For too long, this continuous anxiety about losing money has hammered into people’s minds that nudity is just as poor as pornography, and yet it is one more reason why folks can’t appear to differentiate between simple nudity and pornography. Had this not been the case, we’d be seeing much more depictions of the naked body on mainstream websites and in the media in general.
The Google Empire is quickly becoming the most powerful financial thing on the planet. As they’re so huge, they refuse to take the time to evaluate specific instances. Just since they are doing something that many might consider wrong, so long as the advertisers are happy, odds are that nothing will change.
At the end of the day, it’s common sense which tells us what is artistic or non-sexual nudity. While most will agree that an image of a breastfeeding mother isn’t sexual, Facebook is not going to change its policy as long as individuals are using their products and advertisers are spending money. If Google and other online moguls believe or a video might somewhat, perhaps, somehow outrage a sponsor, that’s reason enough for them to prohibit it.
Those are some of the issues why nudism is facing so many censorship troubles. As nudism videos look now, the problem of nudity and censorship will regrettably be here for awhile.
Here’s An Additional Article You Might Find Interesting:
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Certainly a several considerations are of etiquette which are recognised among many nudists. They are right here regarding newcomers’ benefit and for research.

It is a good idea before falling in over a nudist membership, to secure a. This results in telephoning beforehand or creating. Strangers who show up unexpectedly could possibly be transformed aside.

Honesty is the better policy. Most groups is likely to be very happy to have you visit should you be not insincere. Deceitful testimonies about you want to become a nudist are unnecessary. Present facts that is accurate to a membership within your first page and in your membership application.

A a lot committed folks, of clubs should join making use of their partner. Some clubs have a number personals policy while others are less conservative towards simple members. It’s usually easier to request in advance in place of to run the chance to be made aside in the gate. In most instances, single couples (male and nudism family ) are simply as encouraged as maried people.

Regarding company or personalized factors several nudists might wish to remain nameless and will expose themselves using initial labels just. Their privateness should be respected by anyone and they’ll do exactly the same for you. It’s anyone that nudists care about. Ones individuality can decide the number of friends-you produce at a nudist playground, in the same way at any societal functionality that is other.

Parks that are nudist find to steadfastly keep up a family group atmosphere. Simple words of love among friends and family members are predominant, but obvious sex isn’t condoned. Unseemly behavior of any sort is out of location and can not be accepted.

Pictures is generally taboo. Most groups have strict policies regulating photography. Most nudists are camera-shy and it’s also not excusable to have a photograph of anybody without permission. Do not consider your digicam to your membership without verifying the rules governing photography all.

Notice principles were published by every one of the clubs. They are on your protection along with for your security and entertainment of anxious. Several of the rules that are common are uncomplicated: Watch your children, they are your obligation at all times. Lay on a towel regarding hygienic factors. Bathtub cautiously before utilising the pools and hottubs. Value the rights of others. Esteem the club house and maintain cleanse. Leave your animals in the home.

Be not as hostile so that as start that you can .