that upon learning that his oldest son was Gay propelled him into becoming more accepting

of others. Finding it exceptionally difficult to accept at first, my issue sought counseling and
was able to beat the feelings of guilt and failure as a father. Fortunately, everything
turned out fine. As a matter of fact, my subject announced that he is the proud grandfather
of another granddaughter. Yes, his son and his partner adopted a newborn baby daughter four
weeks past. He stated that they’re both wonderful parents and are devoted to supplying the
Greatest life possible for their daughter.
After interviewing my issue I could easily see why he was so accepting of societal
nudism. For instance, all of his diversion pertained to outside sports. Naturists boom on
outdoor sports where they can enjoy the benefits of clean air. Additionally, he had been subjected to
nudists through the course of his life, therefore, providing for a better understanding of

this lifestyle. Eventually, my subject confessed that learning that his son was Gay truly helped
him to become less judgmental and more accepting of others.
When asked if he’d consider becoming a naturist, my issue stated: “Yes, if my
wife would go, but that would probably be a tough sale.” 4

Interview #5

My ftfth subject was a single man in his early forties who enjoys boating, baseball,
and the night time nightclub and bar scene. as soon as I approached him to do this interview on social
nudism he readily accepted. My subject stated that he frequently takes his boat to Shell
Island where groups of people gather to socialize, party, and have fun. Most of the individuals
who go to a particular part of the island, engage in their own social activities while nude. He
even made the remark that there seems to be a swing club party at the isle as
well, and no one thinks of it as being a big deal.
My subject is definitely in favor of nude beaches and resorts, nevertheless he declares he
has never visited a nude resort. He believes that everyone should have the independence to express
themselves as long as they are not offending or hurting others. An intriguing question my
Issue raises is that if there were more nude beaches, maybe the need for exotic dancers
and clubs would decrease and people would be less willing to pay for this sort of
Amusement. When requested to clarify that statement he replied that the nude beaches are
free, and if people need to fulfill that need, then have them go to the plage. However, he did

say that the sexual aspect of viewing bare bodies at the beach drops somewhat, and does
not seem to be as lusty anymore.
Although my subject frequents Shell Island, did say that he feels the folks who
are engaging in open sex, such as the “swingers,” are quite shallow individuals. He feels that in
order for someone to partake in this action, one must be unable to love. In requesting him to
clarify this statement he said that if love someone, then you really do not need to share
that man with others sexually, yet, if you’ve got no feelings or emotions about a
person, than it’d be easy to accept this lifestyle.
After freely enabling my issue to discuss his feelings and experiences with social
nudism, I asked him what he thought about the social fkk movement of Naturists. He
replied that he believes that Naturists have an alternate perspective on life. He mentions that they
Appear to have less hang ups about their bodies, unlike the social nudists he has been
subjected too, who pride themselves on having the absolutely fit or “buff bodies.” He feels
that Naturists are folks who simply love being nude, and that it feels natural to them. When
I asked him if he’d consider becoming a Naturist his answer was, “Yes.” 5

Interview #6

My next subject was a 32 year old married female. She is a college grad and has
her degree in Media Communications and Technology. Some of her interests include
shopping, cooking and traveling. As a matter of fact, my subject told me that she travels on
the typical once a month to visit friends together with family, both within the United

States, and abroad. When asked to describe her feelings towards societal nudism my subject
stated that she does not object to individuals participating in this lifestyle as long as its in the

“proper setting,” for example, within the privacy of ones own home, or designated nude
beaches and resort areas.
My theme asserts she’s an extremely open minded man and believes that anyone should be
Capable to express themselves as they please. For the most part she is quite accepting of others
So long as they aren’t causing damage to themselves or anyone else. She feels societal nudists
are really comfortable with themselves, and appreciate the company of others who partake in this
lifestyle too. When asked if she’d consider becoming a social naturist her answer was,
“No, I’m not comfortable enough with my body. Nevertheless, I do envy the individuals who have
high levels of body acceptance and have the liberty to express themselves.” 6

Interview #7